Our History

Mr. Brian Brownlee, began his career as a structural engineer with the Saskatoon office of Crosier Kilgour and Partners in the 1970s, later moving on to the role of Managing Engineer in charge of the same Saskatoon office. 

In 1987, CKP decided to leave Saskatoon and Mr. Brownlee created “Brownlee Engineering Ltd.” to continue to service our numerous clients. In June of 1988, Brownlee Engineering Ltd. and Beaton Kreke Structural Engineers of Regina agreed to share and leverage structural engineering experience and expertise to maximize the both firm's presence in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba. Two new independent firms were established:  Brownlee Beaton Kreke (Saskatoon) Ltd. and Brownlee Beaton Kreke (Regina) Ltd.  

In early 2018, Brownlee Beaton Kreke (Saskatoon) Ltd. formally changed the company name to BBK Engineering Saskatoon Ltd.

Mr. Brownlee’s vision was always to establish an engineering firm based on an open minded, thoughtful, and sound engineering approach, providing quality, practical, and cost effective structural engineering solutions to our clients. Structural documents were only released after they had been thoroughly reviewed and coordinated with all the project consultant drawings, ensuring our clients received the most value for the our services. Our firm continues to operate on those same principles to this day.

In 2013,  Mr. Brownlee retired from Brownlee Beaton Kreke (Saskatoon) Ltd. leaving the firm in the hands of three partners Vaughn Teasdale P.Eng., Kevin Riehl A.Sc.T. and Doug Normand P.Eng.  In August 2013, Mr. Teasdale became Brownlee Beaton Kreke (Saskatoon) Ltd’s  company president until retiring from the BBK Engineering Saskatoon Ltd’s ownership group on July 31,2021.

On August 1st, 2021  Mr. Normand succeeded Mr. Teasdale as company president, Kevin Riehl also remains as a senior partner.

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