The three principals of BBK Engineering Saskatoon Ltd. are Vaughn Teasdale, P. Eng. (company president), Doug Normand, P. Eng. and Kevin Riehl, A.Sc.T.  Each principal brings a different dynamic to our firm, complementing each other and maintaining the overall company values and philosophies. Our founder, Brian Brownlee, P. Eng. remains with the firm as a senior adviser.



Vaughn Teasdale P. Eng.

Professional Qualifications and Personal Awards:

  • Member, Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of Saskatchewan.
  • Member, Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of Alberta
  • Undergraduate Student Report Award, Canadian Geotechnical Society, 1994


  • Civil Engineering Diploma: Saskatchewan Technical Institute, Moose Jaw, 1988
  • Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering with Distinction: University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, 1994

Mr. Teasdale maintains the core values that have established BBK Engineering Saskatoon Ltd. as a respected force in our local market.  He continues to ensure that we provide our clients with high quality structural engineering services, including thorough contract documentation and excellent follow-up contract administration.


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Born and raised in Moose Jaw, Vaughn's initial aspirations led him into the engineering field as an engineering technologist.  After working for several years as a drafting technician, he decided he wanted something more challenging.  He returned to the academic world with drive and determination to pursue his dream to become a structural engineer.  In 1994, he accomplished his goal by completing his degree from the University of Saskatchewan, with distinction.

Vaughn joined BBK Engineering Saskatoon Ltd. as a structural engineer in 1995 and was a great fit for the firm.  He, alongside Brian Brownlee (founding partner), developed long term partnerships and relationships with various clients, which have led to the completion of many successful projects, such as hotels, schools, churches, commercial building, recreational facilities and health facilities.  In addition, Mr. Teasdale has played a key role in the growth of BBK Engineering Saskatoon Ltd., and has been an owner for several years.  He has maintained a hands-on approach for the business operations of the firm for the past few years.  Mr. Teasdale became company president and the senior engineering partner for the firm in 2013.

Mr. Teasdale is known in the industry for having a solid commitment to the client from the design phase to the contract administration phase.  He is known both for his thoroughness in completing structural designs and preparing structural contract documents during the design phase, as well as for his strong commitment to upholding the requirements set out in those documents during the construction phase.  He is also known for being open minded to alternative approaches, vetting them with sound engineering principles.

Vaughn is an avid "Saskatoon Roughrider" fan and truly bleeds green.  On the flip side, he also remains a die hard "Boston Bruins" fan, proving everyone has a dark side.

Doug Normand P. Eng.

Professional Qualifications and Personal Awards:

  • Member, Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of Saskatchewan.
  • Member, Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of Manitoba.




  • Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering: University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, 2008

Mr. Normand is known for being meticulous and thorough in his work.  He is also known for having a friendly demeanor towards all those with whom he works, which is why he is our business development officer.  Doug remains in close contact with our clients regarding their structural engineering needs, providing timely responses and resolutions. Within our office, he is responsible for various engineering tasks as well as mentorship of junior staff.


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Mr. Normand attended the University of Saskatchewan, where he convocated in 2008 with a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) degree.  Shortly after, Mr. Normand accepted a position as a structural engineer with Brownlee Beaton Kreke (Saskatoon) Ltd.

Under the supervision of Brian Brownlee and Vaughn Teasdale, Mr. Normand thrived in our office environment. He was exposed to a wide array of projects, with varying types of structural materials and unique details.  Each project served as valuable learning experience for him, and working alongside two very senior engineers greatly contributed to Mr. Normand’s professional development.  The principals of BBK Engineering Saskatoon Ltd. saw that Mr. Normand possessed the very qualities that are valued in long term employees. In 2013, the senior principals of BBK Engineering Saskatoon Ltd. welcomed Doug into the ownership group, and Mr. Normand is now fully involved in all aspects of the business.

Doug’s easy-going approach and engineering ability not only impress those within our office, but extend to our many clients as well.  In his time at BBK Engineering Saskatoon Ltd., Doug has forged personal relationships with many of our clients.  As our business development officer, he is always willing to meet with new and existing clients regarding our services and how we can help them find solutions for their structural engineering needs.

Mr. Normand takes great pride in all of the projects in which he has been involved, including schools, extended care facilities, precast concrete designs, precast concrete plank design, glazing and curtain wall designs and countless building assessments.  He feels satisfied by his work every day in the office, and is proud of the experience he has gained at our firm.

Doug's personal time is primarily devoted to his young family. He enjoys the outdoors and a good "competitive" game of bowling…just ask his wife!

Kevin Riehl A.Sc.T.

Professional Qualifications and Personal Awards:

  • Member, Saskatchewan Applied Science Technologists and Technicians
  • Association of Architects Drafting Award, 1981




  • Diploma Architectural Engineering: Saskatchewan Technical Institute, 1981
  • Principles of Construction Specifications Level I: Construction Specifications Canada (CSC), 1996

Mr. Riehl is BBK Engineering Saskatoon Ltd.'s most senior engineering technologist. He has been with BBK Engineering Saskatoon Ltd. and its predecessor firms for well over thirty years.

As a senior principal, Mr.Riehl is actively involved in all aspects of business operations, from client liaison,  staff recruitment to business planning.


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Born and raised in Saskatoon, Mr. Riehl attended Saskatchewan Polytechnic (formerly known as Saskatchewan Technical Institute) where he graduated from the Architectural Engineering Program.

With considerable knowledge and experience in computer drafting,  Mr. Riehl oversees document production.

Aside from assigning and distributing the workload, Mr. Riehl carefully monitors and maintains the production schedules. In addition, Mr. Riehl maintains an active presence on the projects he is specifically involved with, beginning at preliminary design stage and ending at   completion of the contract administration phase.

Mr. Riehl's resume includes many  successful projects such as schools, condominiums, recreational facilities, churches and high-rises to name a few.

On the lighter side,  Kevin remains a loyal "diehard"  Montreal Canadiens fan and is always willing to educate fellow co-workers (or anyone who will listen) about the storied franchise. In his quiet way, and without gloating, he sticks to the facts and only the facts - there is nothing else to say!


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