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How to use the Revizto 3D web viewer
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Structural Design

There's something about sitting down with a challenging problem, a pencil, coffee for encouragement and scratching out concepts which can be molded into workable solutions. Complex, three dimensional geometries and loading conditions are modeled, analyzed and designed using finite element computer methods or three dimensional frame analysis. Less demanding problems can be analyzed using other less sophisticated computerized design tools or some days, just by leaning on that simple pencil.

Structural Drafting

This area is hands down governed by digital media. We left our pencils and drafting boards behind long ago. We have extensive experience in and are proficient with Revit® Structure, AutoCAD® and MicroStation®. Whatever the client's requirements, BBK Engineering Saskatoon Ltd.'s drafting department is able to produce structural engineering contract documents with various platforms that can be tailored to our client's needs.

Structural Engineers